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Learn to make exercise a daily habit.

Do you know why making exercise a daily habit is so important? Because almost everyone thinks you train the body when you exercise. Except you don't. The body is being conditioned but what you're actually training is the mind. The strength you need for life’s challenges is mental strength, strength of character, the strength to consistently make the excellent choice whatever the circumstances. This course is your introduction to building strength beyond the gym.

How To Actually Train

Excellence In The Moment Of Choice

  • Plan To Recognize The Moment

    You will prepare yourself to recognize the moment of choice so you’re primed to respond with self-control and excellence.

  • Set The Standard

    You will determine what excellence looks like for you in that moment so you’ll know precisely what to do and how to do it with reassuring certainty.

  • Make The Excellent Choice

    You will choose to live up to that standard in the moment so that choosing excellence becomes your habit.

Top 3 Outcomes

By the end of this program you will:

  • Have the mental and physical skills to plan and execute a simple, daily workout that will make exercise a natural part of your life.

  • Know how to measure your progress and adapt your approach to keep yourself challenged as you get stronger.

  • More effectively enact the choices consistent with the health and fitness you want to achieve.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Warm Up

    • Welcome

    • How To Navigate This Course

    • Warm Up With Some Questions

    • Waiver & Release

    • Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire for Everyone (PAR-Q+)

  • 2

    The Mental Skills

    • How To Plan For Excellence In The Moment Of Choice: The Intention Statement

    • How To Operate With Excellence In The Moment Of Choice: The Discipline

    • How To Switch From "Thinking Choice" To "Enacted Choice"

  • 3

    The Physical Skills

    • Two Of The Most Effective Exercise Movements (Which Are Really 10)

    • How To Do The Lunge Burpee

    • How To Do The Classic Burpee

    • How To Do The Push Up Burpee

    • How To Do The Hop Burpee

    • How To Do The Gym Burpee

    • How To Do The Staggered RDL

    • How To Do The 1-Leg RDL with Support

    • How To Do The 1-Leg Pick Up Your Keys

    • How To Do The 1-Leg RDL

    • How To Do The 1-Leg RDL with Reach

    • Two Exercises To Use For Your Warm Up and Cool Down

    • How To Do The Lunge with Reach

    • How To Do The Downward Dog & Cobra

  • 4

    Organizing Your Workouts

    • The Importance of Daily Exercise

    • How To Exercise Daily: Waves of Effort and The Ratings of Perceived Exertion Scale

    • How To Systematically Apply Your Waves Of Effort

    • How To Keep A Workout Log

    • The 3 Minute Workout

    • Timed Ladders

    • AMRAP: As Many Rounds As Possible

    • Timed Intervals

  • 5

    Cool Down

    • Well Done, You!!

    • How To Contact Me & Other Stoic Strength Resources

    • Feedback


  • Change The Way You Think About Exercise

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